Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heading South

Last week and this week has been filled with visits to the gym, and finishing the rainbow tutus. And the visors for the non riders. Hehehe Wait until you see the pictures after the ride!

Our bikes are now in Florida, compliments of Jackie & Liz transporters. They called with every state line they crossed. :-) They are spending some time visiting friends and touring around. Yesterday they went on a boat to see the manatees - mom said there were so many of them and she was able to pet them! She decided against swimming with them as the water was cold and she'd need a wetsuit.

We fly to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow (Wednesday 11/12) where we'll spend the night with friends. Thursday is registration and the safety video and getting our bikes to bike parking. Friday we ride...early. Saturday closing ceremonies are at 2pm. After that it's R&R! We've planned a trip to the Dry Tortugas where we can go scuba diving....hopefully the water is warm!

Send prayers, warm thoughts, good vibes and karma to us all on Friday and Saturday. Thanks for all your support!


Michele said...

I wonder if when your Mom and Liz were crossing state lines they put out their hand to see who crossed it first. Your Dad used to do that all the time. I remember when he did it when Eddie was in the car he just laughed. Now when we travel and cross state lines we do it with the kids in the car. And everytime I do it I think of Uncle Bucky!!! Safe travels. Love you bunches!!

Valerie said...

Good luck Julie and Kathy, I'll be praying for you!!!