Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday (I'm behind)

So...Sunday Kathy asked several times if we were going to ride. That should have been my warning that she really wasn't into the riding thing. It was cold, after all. But I said "sure" so we dressed and hydrated and ate and hauled the bikes up from the basement.

I think we made it MAYBE 1/2 a mile before Kathy, the lead, stopped to ask what the plan was. Hey, my thighs were absolutely frozen. I'd gone out to take recycling out wearing a t-shirt and thought it was fine even though it was 58 degrees. That's 58 degrees without you biking 20+ (I'm ambitious!) miles per hour. Kathy's fingers were frozen.

So we did a whopping 3 miles (WOOO HOOO) and wimped out. But we did load the bikes on the trainer (Thanks Greg) and each did 45 minutes.

I hate the cold. If you can call 58 degrees cold. BRRRRR

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Michele said...

Oh you poor thing. 58 degrees? We had a beautiful weekend last weekend oh and today. When Jacob's football game kicked off at 1pm it was 82. Quit your whining, i'd kill for 58 degrees right now. MOther nature hasn't got the memo that it's Fall here yet. Though they are saying she will tomorrow when it's supposed to be 69. That's cold for us Californian's. I'll probably have to get out my scarf and mittens....kidding. Love you both to pieces and hey I have both my blogs back up and running so check them out.